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Here are some of the things our Biolase dental lasers can do for you!


Our lasers

We have three state-of-the-art dental lasers at Mesa Family Dentistry:


Waterlase MD laser: This laser is designed to cut hard tissue (such as enamel and bone), as well as soft tissue (such as gums). This is the "workhorse" of our practice.


Ezlase diode laser: The diode laser is designed to cut soft tissue as well as kill bacteria without cutting. This laser is used mainly in our hygiene department to combat gum disease.


DiagnoDent laser: This laser is designed to find cavities while they are still small. That allows us to use the Waterlase MD (usually without anesthetic) to remove them.

Waterlase MD laser


Waterlase MD Laser

Laser uses


1. Removing decay without needles. In many cases, you won't need anesthetic for Dr. Turner to use the laser on fillings or other procedures.


2. Fillings and root canals on baby teeth without needles. For children nervous of "The Shot," this can be a great way for them to overcome their fear of the dentist.


3. Recontouring gums. This used to involve bleeding, swelling, and pain when done traditionally with a knife. Now the tissue is cauterized so that there is no bleeding, no swelling, and minimal (if any) pain, thus allowing us to do restorative work on the same visit.


4. Recontouring bone. This is sometimes needed when doing crown or bridge work. Traditionally, the gums had to be cut with a knife, then the bone reshaped with a drill. Healing time was 4-8 weeks. The laser can cut both the gums and the bone, without bleeding or swelling, and the crowns can be prepared the same day, saving the patient a visit.


5. Decontaminating infected gums. This can be done without surgery or antibiotics. It's quicker, painless, and has no healing time. This is an extremely effective new weapon in the fight against periodontal disease.


6. Biopsying without needles. Sometimes a growth on a patient's lip, tongue, or gum needs to be biopsied. The laser can remove the tissue without anesthetic, bleeding, swelling, and with quicker healing time.


7. Desensitizing teeth. The laser can be used to limit or even eliminate a patient's cold sensitivity.


8. Treating cold and canker sores. The laser can eliminate pain associated with cold or canker sores in one treatment, and cuts healing time in half.


Lasers can do anything a drill or blade can do, with less discomfort and quicker healing!

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